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Music is the ultimate way to connect to the past. The memories, the nostalgia, and the emotions help shape who we are in the present. “It’s so refreshing to hear [music] inspired by the classic pop/rock generation. Jackson Reed and The Silverbirds show that rock is alive and well,” says L.D. Brandon of Bridge Music Magazine. Kenny Aronoff was reminded “of some Mellencamp songs I [did] with John” after recording with Jackson.

When asked why his music invokes such a strong sense of nostalgia, Jackson says “there’s a lot of people out there, both young and old, who want nothing more than the sounds of the past to come back. I want to be their representative and ensure that happens.” Jackson, 25, believes his blend of classic rock and modern pop can reach a wide audience with catchy tracks and an impressive live show.

Jackson’s musical journey started as a child in his hometown of Calgary, Alberta, when he first discovered The Beatles. Since then, he’s made it his goal to have a career in music. In 2021 Jackson released his first EP “On Air,” and the single “Dangerous Lover,” a collaboration with legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff. Jackson has also created the music podcast “Guess That Record,” where he’s interviewed guests such as Toto’s David Paich, Jim Vallance, and Paul McCartney’s horn section the Hot City Horns. As a live performer, Jackson has received a warm reception in cities like Atlanta and Nashville. To hear how he combines nostalgia with the sounds of today, listen to his newest single “In My Head.”


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