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What are Jackson Reed and The Silverbirds all about? Learning from the past, and using that to shape the sounds of today and tomorrow. “Reed and his band have crafted a unique alt-pop sound that blends classic rock riffs with 80’s pop hooks and modern production techniques” says former Billboard columnist Bob Smith of The Static Dive. Kenny Aronoff was reminded “of some Mellencamp songs I [did] with John” after recording with Jackson.

When asked why his music invokes such a strong sense of nostalgia, Jackson says “there’s a lot of people out there, both young and old, who want nothing more than the sounds of the past to come back. I want to be their representative and ensure that happens.” Jackson, 26, believes his unique blend of classic rock and modern pop can reach a wide audience with ready for radio melodies and an impressive live show.

2023 was a banner year for the Calgary-based group with the successful release of the single “In My Head.” The catchy track found its way onto the Canadian iTunes pop charts, one of Spotify’s coveted editorial playlists, and received airplay on premiere stations like CBC Radio (Calgary/Edmonton), CIUT (Toronto), WNUC (Detroit), WIIT (Chicago), and KXFM (Laguna Beach). Jackson’s podcast “Guess That Record” has also witnessed rapid growth. The show has provided him the opportunity to collaborate with established names in the industry such as Andy Summers, Dweezil Zappa, David Paich, and many more. As a live performer, Jackson has received a warm reception in cities like Atlanta and Nashville. To hear how Jackson and The Silverbirds combine new and old into something exciting, listen to their new single “Little Red Corvette.”


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